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Greenscreen Technology for Chromakey: LED Light-rings and Retro-reflective Chroma Key Green Screen Backdrops.

13.5-inch LED Teleprompter Light Ring Description

LEDchromaKEY.com’s PATENT PENDING Light Ring Chromakey System for Teleprompters.

LEDchromaKEY.com currently offers one model in their introductory kit. The kit includes a 13.5″ ID diameter light ring, 12v 25w power supply, LED pulse width modulated dimmer, and universal mounting arm for hot shoe rigging, one of two sized retro-reflective backdrops, AND a complete teleprompter system, including a 10″ LCD flat panel monitor with reverse mirror function.

Retro-reflective LED chromakey systems are in wide use today, and provide many advantages, the big barrier has been that there is no technology available on the market, prior to this invention, that allows LED light rings, in-line teleprompters and retro-reflective backgrounds to be used at the same time.

LEDchromaKEY.com’s Light Ring Chroma Key System for Teleprompters solves this problem!

LEDchromaKEY.com’s introductory Teleprompter Kit includes:

1 13.5-inch diameter LED teleprompter chromakey green ring w/travel bag

1 Complete 10-inch Diagonal Teleprompter Kit